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Focusing Appointments available on Zoom or Skype, last up to one hour and cost £40. I will guide you through the gentle process of listening to your inner wisdom and be your companion on the journey.
What does a session look like?
You sit across from me, with your eyes closed (unless you prefer to have them open), and I begin with a grounding exercise to help us both relax and become aware of any tension in our bodies. Then I will guide you through a process of becoming aware and listening to your inner self. No need to reveal anything you'd prefer to keep to yourself. You are in charge of the session at every point.

"The body sense is unclear and vague at first, but if you pay attention it will open up into words or images and you experience a felt shift in your body. In the process of Focusing, one experiences a physical change in the way that the issue is being lived in the body.... The whole issue looks different and new solutions arise." 

Eugene Gendlin

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